inside the mind of a ten year old

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Baseball Practice

Baseball practice was fun but it is really hard playing baseball with ten year olds and im only 8 years old.At practice we started this thing called the three hundred club so you would half to swing the bat 300 times its harder than you think but you dont half to swing it 300 times in a row that would be tourcher.That reminds me now that were talking about base ball my coach was talking about my moms blog mommy9times so make sure to follow and dont forget to follow me to.So back to base ball practice like i was saying tourcher and i half to do that for a whole month but im up for the challenge and i get a really cool t shirt.I forgot to tell you what team i am on cobras so that really cool t shirt i was talking about its going to be like this cobra holding a bat up saying 300 hundred club my coach told me all about it.That practice i just finised my three hundred but that is only one week i have i have alot more swinging to do thank you for reading remember to follow...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

my best friend kate

My best friend kate is fun to play with. but i am mad at her beacas  she alwa,s wants me to play with her. she,s my next store naber we have ben friends sence we wher babys. so now  i stil play with my friend carson his my pal to we alwas play to gether to he lives right up the steert

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My CCD class

My  ccd  class  was  fun  and  when  we  dip  our  hand  in  the  water  it  is  supposed   to  remind  you  about   your  baptism.   That  is what I learned.  We learned about our Father and Son and the Holy Spirit.  And the sign of the cross.  And about Jesus, and Jesus tells the most about God.  God is our Father.  Jesus is the King of kings.  Our priest is named Father Reynolds.   He's really nice and funny.  He always is in a good mood whenever he goes to church, and he is nice to others.  He prays for others who have hard times to talk and walk and stuff.  I like going to church with my family on Sundays and Saturday nights.  It's just an hour but I wish it was two.  My mom typed this for me but I made up the ideas.  Good bye for now!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

About Me

I'm a good athlete, and I like to read and write.  I like to play baseball, basketball, football and soccer.  I am the 6th child in a sibling group of ten.  I like my large family.